"Any enterprise CEO really ought to be able to ask a question that involves connecting data across the organization ... Most organizations are missing this ability to connect all the data together."

Tim Berners Lee, BusinessWeek


Gaining control of daily-increasing digital data is one of the key goals for leaders in commercial, governmental or community organisations across all business sectors.

From the financial sector to the pharmaceutical industry, media to manufacturing to industry and energy, many organisations are facing the challenge of analysing large siloed data sets and leveraging their value to increase productivity, enable innovation in product development and ultimately improve their bottom line.


Whether you think your data is Big or Small is one of perspective, but irrespective of the volume and the velocity of the data your organisation manages meaningful new insights into can be gained by creatively combining that data with open Linked Data sets.

Linked Data relies on a relative small set of conventions and can be accessed, stored, linked, queried, and so on. Using open Linked Data sets saves time and money and opens up new paths of exploration through Enterprise data.


Some organisations are choosing to expose some or all of their enterprise data on the web, making it accessible to query or download and reuse – and in doing so, building on the web of data made available through open Linked Data sets.

Similarly, the process of Semantic Publishing allows an organisation to automate the publishing of large-scale websites incorporating this enterprise data.

This approach enables intuitively structured websites to be created that provide rich and deep journeys for users through an organisation’s data and content.


The Datasmiths specialise in the management and transformation of enterprise-wide digital data, adding value through semantic structure and the addition of Linked Data, and the semantic publishing of different views on to that data, whether purely for data products, for proprietary systems or for publishing to the web for desktop, tablet or mobile users.

Our pioneering experience in Linked Data and Semantic Publishing was forged creating the groundbreaking BBC World Cup 2010 site and the development of the ‘Dynamic Semantic Publishing’ platform. Since then we have worked with a number of organisations to enable them to follow this publishing model. If you’d like to hear more about our experience we’d be glad to come and speak with you.



Our consultants can advise and deliver on all aspect of your Data Architecture from database design, schema, classifications and taxonomies; translating a Domain Model to an Ontology Model; data migration approaches; enrichment of your data through the application of Linked Data; sourcing of open Linked Data sets; creating a URI strategy, through to data publishing to W3C standards.
From that data and its underlying models we can create compelling data products, visualisations, and views onto automatically aggregated applications and websites for the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.


The world of big, linked data requires fast and flexible architectures to allow that data to be consumed in multiple different ways.
The Datasmiths team has excellent experience in the creation and development of transformational technical architectures from the BBC onwards that have significantly changed the digital media publishing paradigm.
Our implementation of logical into physcial service-orientated architectures is delivered using the Agile approaches of continuous integration and behavior- and test-driven development.


Instigating large-scale data and technical transformation is a major undertaking for most organisations. As such, it is key that there is sufficient planning to ensure that the created capability is in line with the organisation’s operational processes, so that the desired benefits can be realised.
Our approach is to prototype, deliver a lightweight end-to-end solution, then add complexity through iterative development. We achieve this by using a hybrid of Scrum, Kanban and XP as well as the traditional approaches to project and programme management.

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